Kwabo AfroParty is a cultural, joyful and dynamic introduction to Afrodance (African modern dance styles) in a party setting.

Each session is high energy, fun and accessible to all so tell your uncles, cousins, kids and dogs to get ready!

Performed with upbeat music from Mama Africa, the West Indies and the Caribbean such as Afropop also called Afrobeats, Ndombolo, Socca and Kompa.

This session combines freestyle dancing and funny dance games to make you discover and experience hot party flavours, trendy dance moves and uplifting music.

With Kwabo Afrodance, you will be sure to leave with a big smile on your face.

Run by Gracieuse Amah

Supported by Musica Curator Gemma Horbury

If you want to get into some Kwabo AfroHeat fitness on a Wednesday join us HERE.