There’s no turning back. It’s time to write a new story. 

Listen for the future is a time capsule, an archive of ideas. Join us, and imagine a world that’s better for everyone.

What are you listening for?

#ListenForTheFuture …cos the future is listening for you

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By Susan Bamford-Caleo

I’m listening for 25km and beyond

 By Carl Polke

I’m listening for an open-hearted society

By Elissa Goodrich

I’m listening for melodies; & their unexpected harmonies

By Mark Morand

I’m listening for Perspective, Possibility, Serendipity

By Holle Forster

I’m listening for the sound of our feet stepping together

By Amanda Jones and The Mystic Charmers

I’m listening for the sound of birds

By Susan Bamford-Caleo & Karen Berger

We are listening for clues and reminders in the rainy runoff

By Graciuse Amah

I’m listening for the melody of my heartbeat to guide me in the right direction


We’re listening for the answer to the question that hasn’t been asked

By Ania Reynolds

I’m listening for music in the streets, in the city, in public spaces, no permit required. 

By Patrick Francis & Sophia Constantine

I’m listening for 
the world to open up 
cleaner and greener

By James Hazelden

I’m listening for distorted machines to drown out some terrible thoughts 

By Chris Tomkins

I’m listening for a broken Casiotone 370 to make music it was never intended to make

By Fotis Kapetopoulos

I’m listening for the ubiquitous soundtrack of lockdown.

The sound of domestic comfort, the emblematic symbol of the fridge as a symbol of free and accessible markets, or how easy distraction and sustainable capitalism feeds the masses.

By Nela Trifkovic

I’m listening for new knowledges. Totally old yet altogether new.

By Teresa Blake

I’m listening for the point at which force applied to a solid object, physically changes it.

By Ros Jones

I’m listening for the sound of future voices who have the confidence to go where their imagination leads them

By Justin Ashworth

I’m listening for a sign from the future that things will be ok

By Rebecca Hart

I’m listening for Spring green between the dry brown

By Isabel Hede

I’m listening for harmony

By Belinda Woods

I’m listening for the ‘drumming’ frogs of Bela Laguna to begin their Spring mantra.

By Anna Leibzeit

I’m listening for live music in unexpected places.


By K. Travers Eira

I am listening for
flight paths
ways to travel
to places we haven’t yet understood
that we don’t even know are there
-K. Travers Eira