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For young people run by young people. 

Half an hour of movement, games, activities, and general joy on Zoom.

Facilitated by the cast of The Mermaid. Join us every Tuesday for half an hour as we move our bodies, run sessions on topics such as:

  • How to move like a prince/dudebro
  • Make your own Mermaid tail & learn to twirl it
  • Learn the Mermaid sister dance
  • Daggy dancing
  • Sea Monster Games
  • Mermaid treasure hunt

There will be a new theme per week and the session will be lead by one of the cast each week.

Facilitated by Allegra Di Lallo, An Dang, Theo Boltman, Casper Plum, Flora Feldman, Marshall Morgan, Asha Randall-Sheppard, Ella Simons, and Frankie Willcox.

Supported by Cassandra Fumi