Suitable ages 5 – 10

The Land Where One Never Dies by Italo Calvino

This Italian folktale tells the story of a young man’s determination to achieve victory over death! The performance of it here, embeds this tale within an autobiographical story, and uses authentic hand-crafted marionette puppets in a traditional setting, accompanied by live accordion playing!

The folktale’s charming metaphors and rustic bawdy characters offer an opportunity for adults and children alike to explore the theme – the significance of death in life, in way that is intriguing and delightful, imaginative and contemplative. It is seen to be relevant to these times in particular!

Content warning: Some very young children (preschool and younger) may be frightened by the puppets and the theme of death.

Produced by Every Old Sock Meets an Old Shoe

Directed by Nicole Ostini & Lynn Preston

Narrated by Bianca Sirianni

Puppeteers Lynn Preston & Kasia Pudlo

Accordion Dave Evans

Songs by Mikelangelo & The Black Sea Gentlemen & Leonard Cohen

Puppets created by The Squeaking Tribe Marionettes

Folktale transcribed by Italo Calvino

Autobiographical text by Lynn Preston

Images by Kasia Pudlo & Pat Higgins

‘The Land Where One Never Dies’ by Italo Calvino. Copyright c 2002, The Estate of Italo Calvino, used by permission of The Wylie Agency (UK) Limited.