In this 2 hour workshop, the principal aim is to stimulate the child’s imagination and enrich their play wherever they are: at home, in the playground, indoors and outdoors.  We will also answer the following questions as we guide the children into making their own puppets from everyday materials:   

  • What is a “puppet”?  It doesn’t have to replicate something real.  
  • How to make puppets from easily found materials – with a minimum of craft skills 
  • How to bring them to life. In other words, demonstrate the basic elements of puppetry  
  • How to use the made puppet to tell a story, nursery rhyme, etc – using the characteristics of the object to build the puppet’s personality..   
  • Explore the local environment as context – walls, chairs, tables, boxes, even one another! 
  • OVERALL:  Keep it fun.  Let the puppets do things that the child might not otherwise consider  

During the workshop: 

  • Show how to make a puppet from every day household materials (tea towel, a carrot, paper, a kitchen utensil, whatever) 
  • Demonstrate what you need to do to animate and bring that object to life – express emotions, intentions, etc 
  • Demonstrate how it can move and speak 
  • Demonstrate how it can tell a story through its actions 
  • Maybe show it relating not only to the environment but also to another puppet and/or the puppeteer 

As an example, have a look at our online puppet workshops 5 6 7 Create! 

Children to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.