Suitable for 4 years and up. 

Once Upon A Time Café presents The Frog Prince, a classic story with a modern twist. 

The chef’s got the hump and done a bunk and the waitress and resident musician at the Once Upon a Time Café are left to fill the orders.  Adventure, love, wicked characters and happy endings are on the story menu but the chef has left only a few ingredients. With a frog’s foot and a golden ball, the magic of puppetry begins. 

In the signature style of the Sydney Puppet Theatre, the Once Upon a Time Café serves up a variety of puppetry styles with actors and live music. 

Performed by Steve Coupe and Sue Wallace 

Written by Sue Wallace 

Puppet set and puppet construction by Steve Coupe 

Puppet Construction by Sue Wallace 

Music by Steve Coupe 

Image by Sue Wallace