A double bill of sublime and joyful stories that will take you away.

In Hillary Bell’s The Red Balloon, follow the adventures of Pascal and his only friend— a big, round, red balloon—in post-war Paris, as they navigate a world that doesn’t care they exist with curiosity and wonder. In the face of cruel headmasters, strict grandmothers, and bullies, they prove that friendship comes in different forms. 

Reimagining train life, Anna Tregloan’s The Dictionary of Imaginary Places explores the mundane realities of the daily commute in the most imaginative way. With ridiculous characters and over-the-top banter, tap on and enjoy the ride.

The Red Balloon

Written by Hilary Bell

Performed by Chloe Deane-Johns, James Anderson, Nathan Milne, Lily Smith, and Lauren Nesbit.

The Dictionary of Imaginary Places

Written by Anna Tregloan

Performed by Jack Busuttil, Claude Sarmiento, Morgan-Belle Holmes-Bradshaw, and Erica Vandenberg.

Zoom Management by Rae Tuck.

Image by Dom Gould

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