Freshly Minted (freʃli mɪntɪd): phrase – made or created only recently

Freshly Minted is an eclectic mix of new, fresh digital theatre created by emerging artists from La Trobe University as part of a new project, La Mama North, in collaboration with La Mama Theatre. This one day mini-festival features new work created by current students and recent alumni, including three shows as part of La Trobe Student Theatre’s Geoffrey Milne Commission. 

Running order:

12 pm – The Bugs, by Erin Miller

12.45 pm – The Cat, by Georgi McLaren

1.30 pm – The Same GOD, Last Night. by William Foley

2 pm – Palagi, by Brigid Charis

2.45 pm – Love or Euphoria, by Alyssa Trombino

3.30 pm – All Hail the Lizardman! by Fergus Black

4.15 pm – The Covid Cave: An Experimental Musical, by David Rorkell

 Written and performed by La Trobe University students and alumni, including: Erin Miller, Alyssa Trombino, David Rorkell, William Foley, Amy Parker, Fergus Black, Ben Barnett, Rachael Taylor, Georgi McLaren, Jessica Grant, Bryce Hosken, Tayla Harry, Julia Koutsodontis, and Brigid Charis.

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