Uncle Vanya in Krivina is a site-specific, immersive contemporary adaptation of Chekhov’s early environmentalist play Uncle Vanya, this time in Bulgaria.

The Uncle Vanya Project is a long-term project, conceived and directed by Bagryana Popov, co-produced with La Mama. It began in 2014- 15 as Uncle Vanya in Avoca. It continued in 2016 as Uncle Vanya in Steiglitz and Uncle Vanya in Eganstown, Uncle Vanya at Bundanon 2018 and Uncle Vanya at The Cedars, Hahndorf, as part of the 2019 Adelaide Festival.

It has been an extraordinary exploration of place, environment and theatre in the Australian landscape. In each place we adapted the play anew, in relation to that specific place, to its life, environment and community.

In August Bagryana continues this work in a very special place- her ancestral land, the village of Krivina, where two rivers meet – the Yantra and the Danube.

A team of Bulgarian artists is coming together for this exploration in a three-week laboratory workshop. Chekhov’s beautiful play will be adapted to contemporary Bulgarian village life. The project continues to investigate theatre and environment, and relationship to the land.

There will be a showing to a local and invited audience at the end of the three weeks.

September 1-2, Krivina.

September 1: Act 1, Act 2

September 2: Act 3, Act 4

The project is a co-production between Bagryana Popov, La Mama and MULTICULT, Bulgaria, with the support of Puppet Theatre, Ruse and the Krivina Council.

“Unrushed to the point of feeling time-warped, this Chekhov has been “slow cooked” and the result is mouth-watering. Uncle Vanya at The Cedars is a magical, intense and extraordinarily special experience.” ★★★★★Limelight — Uncle Vanya at The Cedars


Co-producer: La Mama Theatre, Australia

Co-producer: Association MULTICULT

Director, Co-producer: Bagryana Popova

Assistant Director: Nadya Pancheva

Coordinator: Emona Ilieva (Association MULTICULT)

Dramaturgical Consultant: Maria Vandova


Yana Zaykova- Sonia

Zvezdomira Bozhana – Elena

Teodor Karakachanov – Dr Astrov

Alexander Pritup – Vanya

Valentina Panova – Nanny Marina

Teodora Abrasheva – Marya V.

Ei Bo – Telegin

Vladislav Krustev – The Professor

Videographers: Branimir Miladinov

Photographer: Anastassia Krstevska