Create, Animate, Play 

The Pop Project is a weekly workshop series run over six weeks facilitated by Cassandra Fumi.

We will develop and complete a collective story and learn the technical side of stop-motion animation. This can be paper, clay, object, or body animation, and we will then compose an original score.

Participants will work through a series of workshops:

Week 1 & 2: The Story,

Week 3: The principles of animation & creating 18 frames of stop animation for the collective story.

Week 4: Sound and Narration, the participants will create an original pop song that ends the film and those interested will narrate and score the short film.

Week 5: Editing

Week 6: A private watch party with popcorn.

The collective stop-motion animation short film will then be hosted by La Mama’s website so that all your friends and family can see what we have made. Let’s learn a new skill, let’s write a popping pop song, let’s have a ball in the zoom room!  

Requirements: access to a device (smartphone/tablet) that can download a free stop animation app, coloured paper or clay, or toys/lego.  

For: 10-13 year olds

At this stage this workshop series is FULL if you are super keen to get involved please email and we will see what we can do.

Supported by the City of Melbourne COVID-19 Arts Grants