A black comedy about two women and the violent relationship they have with their body, each other, and society.

‘Young One’, a fledgling young woman, starts work at the local deli to save money for her big trip, little does she know her colleague, ‘Old One’, has been around and thinks all this dreaming is a waste of time. ‘Don’t wanna wish for much. Then ya never get hurt. Aim medium, fall medium. Aim high, fall too far and ya never come back…’ In a society that claims to be progressive and equal, STUCK shows that in reality, many women live in a world that promotes mediocrity in violent ways. 

STUCK is a new play by regional playwright Megan Twycross. Her voice has been described as ‘quintessentially Australian, fresh, poetic and visceral.’ She received the APT’s Erin Thomas Regional Playwright Award and has been shortlisted for the MTC Cybec Electric Series and the Red Stitch Ink Program. STUCK brings together a stellar female team including director Susie Dee and actors Peta Brady and Eva Seymour. 

Content Warning: Violence

Playwright: Megan Twycross

Director: Susie Dee

Actors: Peta Brady and Eva Seymour

Producer: Kate Hancock

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Suitable for audiences 18+ years

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Aural Rating 50%: Has both sound and visual components, but sight isn’t essential to be able to engage with the event.