night sweat is an abstraction of the line we walk when we sleep. a non-sensical, visceral journey.

for the second night in a row, I met her. standing on the edge of my rug. i heard her. the face of a childhood animation. a flash of light. was that her entering the portal, or my carbon monoxide reader telling me my heater was at a dangerous level? we don’t have long. i think to her. then let’s get moving. she thinks back. she hands them to me, size no bigger than my thumb nail, these are for the chimes. i plug them in. tomatoes sure don’t grow the same as they used to.

“McCowage demonstrates a keen skill for comedic lyricism [and their] patent for physical humour is one of the show’s strongest elements, as they embrace the freedom of unrestrained space onstage.” – Theatrehaus in review of ‘Love Don’t Cost A King’

“Michelle’s not scared to put herself out there and be vulnerable. They’re always pushing at the boundaries of what’s possible. This is what it takes to be a successful theatre maker.” – Morgan Aldrich (Riot stage/Rawcus)

Content Warning: Sudden and sustained loud noises, Haze, Flashing lights

Written, Produced, Performed and Devised by: Michelle McCowage (they/she)

Featuring live and pre recorded original music by: Kyle Muir (he/him)

Image by: Darren Gill (he/him)

Access Information:

Visual rating 50%: Events are partly subtitled or include dialogue, background music and/or sounds, so d/Deaf and hard of hearing audiences can have some engagement with the event.

Aural Rating 50%: Has both sound and visual components, but sight isn’t essential to be able to engage with the event.