La Mama Cinematica has been rescheduled December 19 at Tempo Rubato.

During lockdown in 2020, the Dogmilk film collective found a way to continue engaging with collaborators in Indonesia and allow emerging film practitioners and video artists to exhibit work without the capacity to assemble and screen live. VODmilk was the solution; an online platform for thought-provoking films, video art, and everything in between, offering a new program, from a different programmer, every fortnight. Each work would be translated into both Indonesian and English to be accessible to both audiences. This selection represents a diverse cross-section of some of the works that appeared on VODmilk.

Program 1 

Huma Amas – Muhammad Al Fayed (2020) 21:22 

H.M.V.S. – Matthew Berka (2017) 7:03 

Swimming Yesterday – Damian Kane (2020) 12:46  

Listen to Mama – Angie Pai (2019) 19:26  

Runtime: 60:37 

Program 2  

Jupurrurla Man of Media – Josef Egger (2019) 27:57  

Sorry I Was Late Again – Elizabeth Lim (2020) 4:01  

The Turks are Coming – Baris Ulusoy & Orson Dijle (2020) 12:51  

Mestiza – Ranima Montes (2018) 6:00  

Suster Apung (Floating Nurse) – Arfan Sabran (2006) 15:10  

Runtime: 65:19