In a place far away, a group of people are asking questions that you might be asking too; everyday moments are explored and a search for meaning unravels.

A PLACE CALLED MAZE is a theatrical work created and developed by Fusion Theatre’s evening ensemble and inspired by Shaun Tan’s well-known illustrated book The Red Tree.

In A PLACE CALLED MAZE the performers set out to question society and to challenge stereotypes in a timeless quest for acceptance and identity.

Diverse performers bring diverse ideas to the table…
Maze makes a connection

– Casey Neill, Star Journal Dandenong

Created by Fusion evening ensemble

Directed by Magda Miranda

Fusion Artistic Director: Jo Raphael

Sound and Set Design: Magda Miranda

Artistic support: Amanda Santucionne

Dramaturge: Rea Dennis

Intern: Alex Mallis

Performers: Alex Litsoudis, Alex Mallis, Amanda Santucionne, Andrew ‘Biz’ Bisignano, Andrew Robbins, Andy McKinnon, Emily Johnson, Jean-Marie Cadby, Katrina Welsby, Krishan Dass, Toni William, Vicki Robbins

Image by Magda Miranda

Graphic Design by Annie House


Unfortunately The Burrow is currently not wheelchair accessible and has no accessible toilet available. La Mama apologise for this. Assistance dogs are welcomed and Companion Card complimentary tickets can be booked online. If you have any questions about access, please contact the La Mama office at 9347 6948.