Blending comedy, spoken-word poetry, and queer joy, this production follows a young woman faced with a question: between your integrity and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, which would you choose?

Unestablished is a compelling comedy that ventures beyond laughs to explore the various intersections between identity and its effects on our personal and professional lives. Upon navigating the corporate world, Archana, discovers a moral maze that challenges her principles and her relationships. With seamlessly integrated spoken-word poetry, Unestablished delves into the delicate art of balancing professional aspirations and personal values, providing an engaging narrative that reflects the challenges of modern life. Laughter meets introspection in this thought-provoking journey, where the line between humor and profound social commentary is masterfully blurred.

Unestablished will also be livestreamed on Friday, Jun 28, 7.30pm. Livestream playback will be available for 72 hours after the show.

Content Warning: Mentions of sexual assault

Written by Yogashree

Cast: Yogashree, Lucy Payne

Image by Darren Gill

Writer’s note:

Thank you to Margaret Harvey, Bella Vadiveloo, Liv and Jules from VIMH (The Voice In My Hands), Rodrigo Calderón and Chenturan Aran. Thank you also to Mari, Glenn and Myf for faciliating Pathways and giving me the support needed to bring this work together. And of course, thank you to Caitlin for your ample kindness and generosity. ‘Unestablished’ would have stayed unestablished if not for all of you.

Access Information:

Visual rating 50%: Events are partly subtitled or include dialogue, background music and/or sounds, so d/Deaf and hard of hearing audiences can have some engagement with the event.

Aural Rating 50%: Has both sound and visual components, but sight isn’t essential to be able to engage with the event.