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La Mama for Kids seeks to enlighten, empower and to excite, developing young audiences by providing opportunities to engage with high quality new Australian theatre. Aligning with La Mama’s aim to address social inequity, the La Mama for Kids program is inclusive, affordable and accessible for all. Originally trialed as part of Explorations in 2007, La Mama for Kids has flourished over the past triennium to become a hugely successful regular inclusion in La Mama’s artistic program. Complementing the Learning Program, La Mama for Kids caters to pre-primary and primary aged children and their families. Curated in collaboration with the La Mama for Kids Coordinator, Ella Holmes, submissions are sought from children’s theatre producers for weekend matinee and school holiday presentations at La Mama Theatre and La Mama Courthouse on a monthly basis.

As well as being an opportunity for artists, the prosperity of the La Mama for Kids program represents the development of a growing young audiences as well as encouraging the involvement of parents and grandparents of children attending the shows. Between 2010 and 2012 many works originally developed and presented as part of the La Mama for Kids program have gone on to have full seasons at La Mama as well as other Melbourne venues. Artists and ensembles such as Pocketfool Productions, Australian Teapot Ensemble, Curious Legends, Company Gongoma, Asking for Trouble and Polyglot Puppet Theatre have all presented work as part of the La Mama for Kids program.

La Mama for Kids productions have won the Fringe Festival Award for Best Kids Show in 2013 and 2014.
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Ella Holmes