La Mama’s Explorations season has been supporting works in development since 1980. Creative exploration is at the core of all works produced and presented at La Mama, however the Explorations‘ annual season of works in development is a special time of year where productions are given three nights in the space to explore their practice and develop their theatrical pursuits.

October, November and December at La Mama is filled with artists and audiences engaging in the process of development – of ideas, form, content, words, processes, whatever is useful to the particular production. It’s a wonderful environment to try out your new work.

Explorations 2018 will run from October 15 – December 2 at little La Mama on Faraday Street.

Applications for Explorations 2018 close April 30, 2018.

To submit an application please email Caitlin,

There is no template for application, just provide as much information as you have about the work you want to make, what you think it will look like, and what, specifically, you would like to explore. Scripts, synopsis, images, ideas are all are welcome. If you have information about who will be involved, please include this. Please also include information about ideal performance dates and any dates that are not possible. Please note that for Explorations in 2018, shows will be sharing the space and so there are limitations in terms of design, set and running time. Don’t hesitate to contact Caitlin if you need more information.



Caitlin Dullard 03 9347 6142

Explorations performances in 2015


Explorations audiences in 2015


Explorations artists in 2015