La Mama Mobile

The La Mama Mobile Program increases reach, visibility and engagement with La Mama and the Independent Artists we work with,  through touring, regional connection and community building.

La Mama Mobile provides opportunities for exchange and outreach between artists and theatre-makers from La Mama, Australia’s home of Independent theatre, with the aim of taking the famous La Mama hospitality and spirit on the road.

Since its inception in 2012, La Mama Mobile has developed meaningful relationships with venues, communities and artists across regional Victoria and beyond. In recent years forging interstate and international partnerships and facilitating a multitude of possibilities of collaboration and exchange.

La Mama Mobile aims: 

  • To reach audiences and artists beyond Carlton by partnering with venues and communities regionally, nationally and internationally.
  • To support La Mama artists to tour works to new audiences and create opportunities for exchange and relationship building.
  • To create pathways for remote and regional audiences to experience new and independent theatre and performance.
  • To find ways to support incoming regional, interstate and international artists into La Mama.
  • To create alliances with small grass roots theatre makers regionally and beyond.

For La Mama Mobile Enquiries contact Myf Powell: myf@lamama.com.au