There are a thousand stories that have been shared over a lifetime of history, voices we have heard from the poets and philosophers of our times. How have they known what to say? What did they want us to hear as we walk away into the shadows of the night? Our shadows collectively together standing under the variants of a moon displaying it’s presence like a prop from a set, cast against the backdrop of the story, song or dance they have/we have just heard. Our shadows provide equality like each breathe we take, like the sound of our voices in the breeze of the night as it softly touches our faces in the cold darkness of winter. Each sound resembling the knowledge of its keeper as they secretly share their moment of their remembrance of the story, they have just heard within the surrounds of the La Mama ghosts which haunt us as we sit there watching the players within their domain, expressing, feeling, and sharing their being as one, to one and all who come and witness the miracle of the unknown, the expectation of the ceremony taking place. A thousand ceremonies have taken place over a thousands of years, as we sit within being of our mother, applauding the language being spoken, applauding the protocols taking place and appreciating the family once more as La Mama rises from the ashes to perform the thousands of ceremonies that are yet to come. Know that the new poets and philosophers have something to share, know that the stories are from the old and the new, know that we are one, know that we are family, a community collective of voices standing in the sun ready to shine, ready to enter and exit in all the small parts we play to keep La Mama and it’s ghosts moving forward in every possible way.

By Glenn Shea, Indigenous Producer La Mama, Elder/Respected Person Wathaurong Aboriginal Community/Cooperative 2021