Festivals at La Mama

Festivals connects our program to cultural events, highlights the work of particular communities and develops a hub of activity and connectivity.

La Mama Festival Partnerships and Hubs

For decades La Mama has participated in existing cultural festivals like Midsumma, Comedy and Fringe, programming aligned work in the regular La Mama model, and stretching our resources to accommodate the various needs.

From 2024 we intend to increase our participation, by turning the Courthouse into a festival hub, activating the space in a vibrant and exciting way and bringing in new artists and audiences through music and other events. We will employ a Festival Curator/Producer for each festival, with an aligned model that ensures curators represent the specified community (ie. Midsumma / Indigenous Theatre Festival) or specialise in the area (ie. Comedy). These Curator/Producers will work with the Artistic Director to curate the festival and take the administrative load off La Mama staff by producing the festival.

Stay tuned!