La Mama History: The Fire

In the early morning of Saturday 19th May 2018, the iconic double-storey red brick building on Faraday Street, which had been La Mama Theatre’s home for more than half a century, was gutted by fire. By the time firefighters arrived, the roof was gone, the floor which divided the top storey from the bottom gulped up by flame, and the walls were threatening to collapse. It took a crew of 54 to get the fire under control, narrowly saving nearby buildings and preserving the building’s façade. When the smoke had settled and it was possible to survey from above the inside of the structure via the cabin of a cherry picker, it was confirmed that the fire, caused by an electrical fault, had ripped through the building so fiercely that almost nothing within had survived.

In the following days, with the walls propped up to prevent their fall, La Mama staff stumbled together amidst the wreckage, but though they were able to retrieve a few scorched keepsakes, an enormous trove of assets and archives were lost, ashes in an empty shell.

Past Media:

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Screenshot from La Mama Chair Richard Watts Facebook. Click picture to go to original post
Screenshot from Peter Kahlil MP responding to the fire on Twitter. Click picture to see original post

La Mama is a Melbourne masterpiece, a critically important part of our theatre history and living performance ecology. It can and must rise again though its new form is yet unknown. The message to our dear friend Liz Jones and the La Mama team is that when you have finished grieving deeply as you must – and we all grieve with you – it will be time to gird the loins, harness the support that wants to be told how to give, and begin the journey to some better future. It is a very hard road – there are false starts, dead ends, muddy crevasses and seemingly impossible peaks to be scaled in the midst of appalling storms – but many will want to help you along the way. Find the trail or make the trail and ask for help. You have lost so much, but kicking through the stinking black ashes you will discover new green growth.

– Daily Review, Carrillo Gantner, 2018