La Mama Responds to four year funding outcome

Immediate response: Media Release 4th of April 2020

Thank you to those who completed our survey!

In response to Australia Council’s decision to cut funding to La Mama after 50 continuous years, we decided to conduct a survey. The survey involved 2,565 participants.
Here are the key findings:

-99.1% agreed or strongly agreed that the federal government should provide the Australia Council of the Arts with a recovery package to ensure the survival of La Mama and other small to medium arts organisations.

-99.42% of audience participants highly valued their La Mama experience.

-97.37% value the opportunity La Mama gives the community to engage in the arts.

-99.59% of people value the support La Mama gives artists in the community.

To describe La Mama, a few words in particular kept coming up. This is how frequently those words were used:
Community – 520, Important – 340, Vital – 254, Essential – 162, Integral – 122, La Mama as the Heart of Melbourne/theatre/community – 114, Unique – 106, Icon – 84, Crucial – 82, Critical – 68, Home – 60

See HERE for a Summary of Responses

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