David Levin

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David Levin performs on ‘stage’ of courtrooms around the country on a regular basis as a practising member of the Victorian Bar. He has been a barrister for more than 35 years (originally in the U.K.) and a QC in Victoria for more than 15 years. He is an accredited national mediator and a Class 1 arbitrator with IAMA, a skill set which may prove useful within La Mama. He enjoys all of the arts although without any noteworthy artistic abilities.

He has relevant experience in the management of organisations such as La Mama. He was a board member of Barristers Chambers Ltd for many years and an alternate member of the board of the Victorian Bar Superannuation Fund. He was also an elected member of the Board of Bicycle Victoria (now Bicycle Network Victoria) for 6 years until 2011 and so understands the organisation of not-for-profit incorporated associations.