The La Mama Archives has been housed with the University of Melbourne Archives, since 1977. This is now an extensive collection of 200 boxes of documents, approximately 30 albums of 3000 black and white photographs and drawers of posters. The Production and Administration files have been listed and are able to be accessed on the University’s web site. The archives are accessible for researchers through the University’s Reading Room in the Baillieu Library.

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For decades, programs, posters, postcards, flyers, reviews, articles, receipts, funding proposals, bookings’ books, financial ledgers, correspondence, play scripts and other documents have been collected. In the near future the 3000 black and white photographs will be available to be viewed on the web site for the University of Melbourne Archives and by links from AusStage.

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1992 The Journey by Susie Boisjoux Photo by Wendy Joseph

Unfortunately, due to the tragic fire in 2018, two years of Production files and Administration documents that would have been eventually archived were lost. With the generous assistance of the Staff from the University of Melbourne Archives, a digital system of archiving is being developed as we adjust to this new technology. This transition commenced around 2013.

For more information, write to Caitlin Dullard via caitlin@lamama.com.au

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