Under the Skin traverses the experience of leaving one culture and finding a new home in Australian society and all that goes with it.

Three women. Three moments in time. Three explorations into finding anew life in a new place, Australia. They are extraordinary in their own right but not uncommon or unique. These women could be anyone. They could be the lady who serves you at the grocery store or the woman who sits next to you on the bus. In fact, they probably are. Australiaisthese women, these stories. There is so much beauty and strength in this history. There can also be pain, isolation and prejudice. The writer/ performer’s family and heritage have inspired each story.

Directed by Caitlin Overton

Performed and Written by Sacha Joseph, Vivian Nguyen and Trudi Ranik

Produced by Jack Gittings and Fiona DiBerardino

Costume by Rose Mitties-Baird

Image by Trudi Ranik and Jack Gittings



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May 20 – 22



Mon, Tue & Wed 7.30pm 

Extra show added:

Tues 9.30pm

Approx running time: 60 minutes


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All Tix $20

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03 9347 6948