The Love Project

A candid memoir, exploring friendship, heartbreak and the confusion of growing up and finding your place in the world.

THE LOVE PROJECT examines Alicia’s relationships. Her vivid stories are illuminated by the results of intimate surveys sent to her family, friends and lovers, past and present. These humorous and at times, deeply embarrassing responses expound her strengths and foibles; while courageously commenting on universal aspects of human nature such as insecurity and the shaping effects of childhood. Through identification with her story, the audience is invited to examine the notion that each of us, in our own way, is peculiar and mad.

“I often find your selfish, attention-seeking and childish behaviour very frustrating … ”–Edward (lover, 1996-2001)


★★★★Luminous Storytelling

– Owen Richardson, The Age

Easteal exhibits sharply perceptive writing and an open, confident persona in this one-woman show… Highly genuine and all-round captivating.

– Patricia Tobin, artsHub

Real-life cult survival retold with warmth and wit… this gracious offering will illuminate and entertain.”

– Warwick Moffat, Theatre Press

Written and performed by Alicia Easteal

Directorial support by Jodee Mundy

Photography by Daren Gill



Unfortunately The Burrow is currently not wheelchair accessible and has no accessible toilet available. La Mama apologise for this. Assistance dogs are welcomed and Companion Card complimentary tickets can be booked online. If you have any questions about access, please contact the La Mama office at 9347 6948.



Jun 7 – 9



Fri, Sat & Sun 7.30pm 

Approx running time: 45 – 50 minutes


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All Tix $20

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03 9347 6948