The La Mama Learning Program seeks to actively engage audiences, students, educators and artists alike in the process of critical thinking and practical investigation, as it relates to contemporary performance. To do this the La Mama Learning Program offers a diverse range of theatre opportunities, activities and nurtures on-going relationships with students and educators, particularly in secondary and tertiary institutions in order to help them to discover the joy of theatre and to encourage a long lasting engagement with theatre throughout their lives.

La Mama Learning Program activities include:

– The presentation of productions as part of the annual VCE prescribed Playlists for Drama and Theatre Studies – After-show forums that include “meet the writer” and discussions with casts, creatives and crew members – Access to published VCE texts of new Australian plays – End-of-year revision & study sessions for VCE teachers and students – Workshops (and PD days) for teachers and/or students – History of La Mama talks and backstage tours of both La Mama venues, adapted to suit your specific needs and year level of students – provided on demand – Advice and general information to teachers about all La Mama productions as requested

Feedback, emails and suggestions from teachers and students are always welcome! For these and other educational enquiries, or to discuss a group booking, please contact our Learning Producer, Maureen Hartley.

Coming up in our 2017 Learning Program:


March 22 – April 2

The play is based on the true story about Sandy, a horse that hauled bricks in Tallangatta before becoming a War Horse in Egypt during WW1 – the only horse out of 136,000 that left Australia, to finally be returned home at the end of the war. The war is seen through his eyes and that of the three forgotten soldiers who cared for him. This play commemorates the Anzac Centenary.

PARASITES by Ninna Tersman

April 19 – April 30

The play takes place in an asylum-seeking processing centre and reveals the way in which two young people arrived there.  It explores their hopes and dreams and shows how their lives have been compromised.

THE YELLOW WAVE by Jane Miller

May 10 – May 21

This play, subtitled ‘a Romance of the Asiatic Invasion of Australia, is an adaptation of a 19th Century novel by Kenneth Mackay telling the story of the invasion of Australia by a Russian-led Mongol force.  Using humour the production explores the impact of immigration, engagement of international workers, gender and racial stereotyping, equality and notions of what is ‘other’ or ‘alien’.



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