La Mama Access works with a range of partners to extend the reach of our program to communities experiencing barriers in accessing the arts. Our aim is to engage the participation of artists and community members from all backgrounds, with all abilities and needs and with all kinds of life experiences.

La Mama Access responds to La Mama’s core values of accessibility, diversity and inclusion. By working with a range of community groups, representing a diversity of hopes, needs and ambitions, La Mama Access fulfills its charter of giving voice to the wider community by increasing community access and participation. It delivers benefits especially to socially disadvantaged communities, culturally diverse artists and communities, and indigenous artists and communities.

La Mama Access seeks to involve marginalised communities and to extend the reach of La Mama’s artistic program through the development of community workshops and presentations, community access ticket scheme, and the development of opportunities for indigenous artists and works. As well as being committed to produce works, which address issues of racial diversity and discrimination, La Mama Access is also providing an inclusive environment of social and community linkage for mental health participants who are otherwise isolated due to ill health.

Moreover and in order to improve the access of its organization, La Mama is also currently developing a Disability Action Plan.

La Mama Access’ community partners and projects include Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre, Carlton Primary School, AMES, Harmony Day, Victorian Trade Union Choir, Minutes of Evidence Project, Uncle Vanya in Avoca, Asylum Seeker Resource Center, and Community Access Ticket Scheme.

As part of our commitment to improving La Mama’s accessibility, we are currently implementing our 2015-2018 Disability Action Plan.

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