For the last few decades, La Mama has offered a wonderful Work Experience program that has enriched the lives of students, writers, actors, directors and La Mama staff. A fantastic gateway into the arts community. Read below some past La Mama work experience students’ experience.



Tristan CoomerawelTristan Coomerawel – Glen Eira College

Doing work experience at La Mama was one of the most amazing, relaxing and influential times in my life. I learned of what it takes to run front of house and I viewed two pieces of theatre in my time there; one hilarious and one extremely intriguing and dramatic. This opened my eyes of what the industry is like… And I loved it!


June 2014





Maria Dunne

Maria Dunne

Getting to watch a show each night was amazing. I have fond memories of everyone being so nice and relaxed. There was a great sense of everyone being a family. I could only wish to have had my experience there extended. There was also a sense of support from everyone being welcomed fully.

September 2014

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