Please send any production proposals to our artistic director, Liz Jones, via [email protected].
Be sure to provide as much information as possible, and please be aware that La Mama curates and presents all events at both venues, and programs approximately 12 months ahead.



For ten years La Mama has offered playwrights a free play-script assessment service. We will give detailed feedback on any play, regardless of the writer’s level of experience. We seek to give an honest but constructive response with the intention of assisting development of both the script and the writer’s skills.


We require one copy of your play, we’ll also need your postal address. We don’t send assessments by email.


Currently, our assessor is Graham Downey. We aim for a turnaround time of two months between receiving your script and our mailing out an assessment. If you haven’t received anything beyond two months, please contact La Mama. Pressure of work may occasionally impact turnaround time.


Please send scripts to La Mama Theatre, PO Box 1009 Carlton, VIC 3053, or by email: [email protected]


Scripts received in 2014




Script approved in 2014