Intern – Zachary Kazepis

Zac is an 18 year old performer, writer, and musician.

Zac has been performing on stage since the age of 9, beginning on a tiny stage in the country town of Creswick, in regional Victoria. Since then, Zac has immersed himself more and more into the world of performance, thriving in his adolescence by performing in consistent lead roles in high school productions, growing as a performer and continually expanding his acting repertoire.

It became quickly apparent to Zac in his final years at high school, that this was what he wanted to do; and so during the most intense period of year 12, he did two things; he auditioned for a large scale production in Ballarat, and applied for an internship at La Mama.

After Zac graduated, he found success in both of these endeavours, his first year out of school being dominated by theatre, first by performing in a two week season of Miss Saigon at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Ballarat, and then, almost immediately after, beginning an internship at La Mama.

Whilst doing this, Zac has simultaneously been working on a number of other projects, including the writing and devising of a short film for the Tropfest Film Festival; “King”, as well as composing and producing music, most recently for an upcoming VCA production.

Zac has always maintained an ethic of expanding his horizons, and so for him, the opportunity to attend and work at La Mama, a place so culturally important and iconic, is a huge privilege, and a great step up from the tiny country town he grew up in.

 He hopes to make even greater leaps in the future.