Media & Creative Communications – Stefania Di Gennaro

Stefania’s affiliation with La Mama began at the cusp of the Autumn 2015 season. Searching for ways to make her last year studying at Deakin University even more exasperating, she resolved to satisfy a life-long desire to apply for a communications and marketing internship at the theatre to which the staff kindly obliged.

After a string of Bachelor degrees, her love of theatre and nonsensical writing eventually led her to the study of Media and Communications, majoring in Journalism and Literary studies. Following a short stint in Sydney working and touring with some of Australia’s lesser known bands, she followed a daunting whim to travel Italy, interning for one of the country’s most reputable independent theatres.

Without sounding like a script from a “follow-your-heart” type chick-flick, a childhood memory brought her back in 2014 which had La Mama at its core. It was at the age of 13, riding in the back seat of her fathers Ford Fairlane, stopped at a red light in front of La Mama Courthouse, that she saw probably the greatest thing a kid who thought William Shakespeare was ‘The Man’, could have ever hoped to see. Two actors walking from the courthouse in full costume; the pointed hat of a tower-bound princess and beside her a prince, lycra and all. Both J-walking across the road holding two take-away coffees.

It was in a grand effort to recapture this nostalgic scene where make-believe can be as close to home as a $3 cup of coffee in a non-recyclable foam cup, that saw her knocking on the door of La Mama’s office attempting to woo the staff for a chance to become some small part of that.

With hopes to relay whatever skills she has picked up along the way to aid La Mama in any way they see fit, her experience, though just begun, has not only equated, but surpassed her 13-year-old-Shakespeare-loving pipe-dream.