La Mama history book researcher assistant (intern) – Roisin Lynagh

After escaping the heat of Queensland summers, Roisin Lynagh is in her final semester of an Arts and Science Double Degree at La Trobe University. With majors in Drama and Psychology, she gets a lot of comments on how “different” the two areas are. Nevertheless, she has a passion for theatre research and theatre that challenges expectations. She was the Assistant Director of a production of Goodbye Vaudeville Charlie Mudd back in 2012 and learnt the magic of impossible stage directions. Roisin hopes to one day experience the enjoyment of deciding a season program and work as a company Dramaturg.

During her high school studies, she learnt about La Mama and its longevity as an important cultural institution. Armed with that intrigue, Roisin contacted La Mama and was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to intern here. Roisin is currently working with Adam J. Cass on an upcoming book about La Mama for its 50th year. Her research skills are being put to good use trawling through the archives and searching for the stories that are inside. They are also interviewing some characters (both literary and real life) of La Mama’s history to fill in the gaps between. She and Adam are very excited about the questions that arise and the answers that are yet to be found. Stay tuned in 2017!