Absurdist dark comedy set in the Romanian communist regime featuring the band Vardos live (drag) onstage.

Brad arrives, hoping to escape his American closet to roam free in Romania. To learn Romanian folk music he must negotiate band politics and avoid the Secret Police who may interrogate him on other issues if they catch him…
Writer Sofia Chapman and partner Alana Hunt have made 7 trips to Eastern Europe to study music, and Sofia’s 4th Midsumma play draws on their experiences as queer people in a conservative and highly religious society, here encapsulated in the gay American character Brad. 

‘raw, fun, poetic – makes for a very fine watch.’

-David Collins, Arts Review, of Todd in Venice 2017

Written by Sofia Chapman

Outside eye, Görkem Acaroglu

Performed by Vardos ie Alana Hunt, Sofia Chapman, Kirri Büchler, and Sasha Čuha.

Lighting by Teri Steer

Image by Darren Gill

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