We will hopefully excite you and confuse you – we will enjoy it.

Right now as you read we are still in premature mode. This is not unusual as our process involves a period of group preparation, free of scripts, and rehearsals. Non-theatre thearter where visual aesthetics predominate. Of course THE INSTALLATION aspects hover.

Currently, ideas include socio-political issues, directed at those who suffer most and the relative few who enjoy ‘excessive’ wealth.

Juicy stuff? In our hands, Yes! Biased? Probably!

However.. .by having no narrative it provides space for individual interpretations.

LOCATION: Multiple locations starting at the front gate

Designed by Lloyd Jones

Directed by Lloyd Jones

Performed by The O.T.H.A.N Theatre Company

Image by Lloyd Jones

Specific accessibility information for this event:

Visual Rating: 75%
The event is fully subtitled or has minimal dialogue, some background music and/or sounds, so d/Deaf and hard of hearing audiences can have close to the full experience of the event.

Aural Rating: below 50%
Has both sound and visual components, but sight isn’t essential to be able to engage with the event.