A song of celebration for the reopening of La Mama

Ben Grant was born and raised on Wurundjeri country and now lives on Bunurong country in Naarm. 
Ben is an award winning performer, sound designer, composer, dramaturg and writer with a long standing interest in new Australian stories.  

Ben first performed at La Mama in 1992 and most recently in 2021 as Pablo Picasso in Lemony S Theatre’s Picasso And His Dog.   

Ben was honoured to be asked to join the La Mama committee as treasurer in 2017 and strongly supports La Mama’s model of artist-led accessible independent new Australian theatre. 

Ben knows that, as a white cis-gendered middle class male, some might question him taking time and space that could be used by people who haven’t had the same opportunities he’s had. Ben questions it himself! However, he hopes you have it in your heart to see past this, as he is very excited (and slightly terrified) to be performing a song he has written and produced to celebrate La Mama’s reopening. 

Viva La Mama! 

LOCATION: Courtyard, Rehearsal Hub, and Box Office

Created by Ben Grant

Image by Amelia Dowd

Specific accessibility information for this event:

Visual Rating: 50%
This event is partly subtitled or includes dialogue, background music and/or sounds, so d/Deaf and hard of hearing audiences can have some engagement with the event.

Aural Rating: 75%
Mainly sound-based, with visuals only incidental to the work, so blind or low vision audiences can have close to the full experience of the event.


Please note the above ticket link will give you access to the whole evening of events from 5 pm – 11 pm.