Life expectancy is a Hip Hop musical that explores Raphael’s experience growing up with Cystic Fibrosis, childhood trauma and learning disabilities. This performance accompanied by visuals and dancers hopes to inspire others to reflect on their adversity and examine their own surroundings to find their truth. 

Melbourne based rapper and visual director Raphael Mattisiyahou brings his inspiring life  story to La Mama with a performance of songs from his debut music project: Life  Expectancy.  

Written at a time when Raphael was forced to come to terms with the reality of living with a chronic illness. Life Expectancy tells the story of a troubled youth, who overcomes  adversity and the limitations placed on him by society to find his personal truth. Raphael  dazzles with pithy rhyme delivery originally composed.


Produced, Designed and Directed by Raphael Recht and Deepasheni Thirumoothy

Movement Director: Deepasheni Thirumoothy

Performed by Raphael Recht and Anthony Murray

Content warning: Language warning