Everyone knows that friendships made in bathrooms are ones that last for life.

Winner of the ATYP Rebel Wilson Theatre maker Scholarship and shortlisted for the Rodney Seaborn Playwrights Award, Cactus is a fast paced coming of age comedy exploding with the confidence, conviction and confusion only a teenage girl can have.

Abbie and Pb are in their last year of high school. It’s going well. I mean, they’re still virgins, but it’s going well. And then Abbie finds out that she can’t have kids. It doesn’t mean much to her at first – who wants a kid at seventeen? But as things and people start to change around her, she is suddenly and unceremoniously confronted with a world she wasn’t ready for.

Is sharp as a razor, very witty, very funny and beautifully directed with much visual humour. Madelaine Nunn– is a natural comedienne. -Stage Whispers

Written by Madelaine Nunn

Directed by Katie Cawthorne

Stage Manager Claudia Howarth

Produced by Madelaine Nunn

Image by Darren Gill

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