Mrs Bin is a modern fairy-tale where philosophy and the absurd meet to create a poetic story about loss, past and how people cannot forget. Mrs Bin has been coloured blind since she had to give her baby girl away and when her new neighbour moved next door a year ago, it all came back to her. To find love again she must kill!

Through the play the author talks about abuse and traumatic events that would change people into monsters, the meaning of holes, emptiness and ends when beginnings are coming around the corner of life.

Writer: Helen Dunlop

Director: Deborah Leiser Moore

Composer/Musical Director: Nela Trifkovic

Producer: James Antonio Masefield

Image Design by Douglas Marsh

This play reading version is part of our ongoing development of Mrs Bin, which will culimate in a full production in 2024. Check out the website for more details.