It is with sadness and concern for our artists that we will be postponing our entire Comedy Festival season, including this production

We hope to re-program all productions in 2021 and trust you will understand the need for this decision at this time.

We strongly encourage anyone who has bought a ticket to consider making this a donation to the artists involved. This is a very unnerving time for all, but the independent arts sector is, as always, particularly vulnerable. The artists have been working very hard and we hope to support them as best as we can. We have set up the possibility of donating directly to artists.

A dark, satirical and extremely physical comedy about rape and murder.

The fiery eyes of this Bouffon troupe have been watching tragedy unfold in Melbourne. They come with outrage, wild wisdom and dare to play the terrible games of humans.

This ensemble of skilled physical comedians play within the vast and sticky web of a difficult theme. They will find the unsaid, the unseen and the unspeakable problems lurking in the shadows. They will bring them to light.

Made in loving memory of Eurydice, Aiia, Natalia, Courtney, Jill and all the women we (the world) have lost in violent aggressions.

Content warning: Sexual abuse, violence

Devised and performed by Kimberley Twiner, Fabio Motta, Ell Sachs, Lucy Kingsley, Nicholas O’Regan.

Co-Devised and Directed by Giovanni Fusetti

Produced by Kimberley Twiner

Special thanks to St Andrews Uniting Church.

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