This production has been postponed to 2022.

In the not too distant future, global environmental collapse triggers wars, the movement of millions of people, failure of mass food production and the breakdown of democracies. But this story focuses on one woman’s desperate struggle to survive. Maria lives in a city plagued by chronic food and water shortages. Now it is survival of the fittest and young people have the competitive advantage. 

Maria is not young and now is trapped in her apartment with her husband Paul and their neighbor, Ewa. Their last moments are a bitter competition for food and water. But Maria refuses to give up. Maria plans her escape. She needs to see her son one last time. And when she does – nothing is as she wished. 

#NoExemptions, a new work for theatre, explores a dystopian vision for humanity that is not predictable, but a savage critique of current privilege and inequality—with a twist- and not without humour. Told from the intimacy of one family’s crisis and isolation, the play is a compacted moment in time in which unfolding events are the result of an already projected environmental collapse from climate change, pollution and over consumption. No amount of privilege can protect anyone from the consequences.  #NoExemptions is a bold, confronting and provocative statement of human equality. We all share one world. 

Review from The Shift Theatre’s previous work:

“The actors give powerful and honest performances.” 
– Stage Whispers

Content warning: Strong language and violence. This play is 15+ as it has some strong language and physical fighting. 

Produced by The Shift Theatre 

Written by Angela Buckingham 

Conceived with the assistance of Michaela Maxi Schulz 

Directed by Susie Dee 

Sound Design by Ian Moorhead 

Lighting Design by Gina Gascoigne 

Stage Management by Jess Keepence

Set and Costume Design by Sophie Woodward

Performed by Carolyn Bock, Helen Hopkins, Hugh Sexton, Sahil Saluja and Eva Seymour

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