Suitable for ages 3-9.  

Written by Katie Reeve, Production created by Black Hole Theatre

An uplifting, rollicking tale told through music and puppetry about a Lighthouse, its Keeper, and the two young people who bring him friendship. Written by Katie Reeve, without dialogue, this beautiful interactive work reaches across cultural boundaries, delighting children and families as its characters come to life to share a story of resilience, laughter, and the power of friendship.

The story is told with two performers, puppets and music, no dialogue.

One of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever seen for this age group – Richmond teacher.

Writer:  Katie Reeve 

Set and Puppet Design:  Hamish Fletcher 

Composer & Lyricist: Darren Clark 

Director:  Nancy Black 

Performers:  Kaira Hachefa, Stéphane Hisler 

Producer: Ben Anderson

Production Created by: Black Hole Theatre

Images:  Adelaide Leeder