Listen for the future is about getting our community together to re-imagine everyday life on a damaged planet. It’s a way to reflect on our individual desires, and more importantly, our collective obligations as we move forward post-lockdown and into an uncertain future.

In a city with more live music venues per-capita than anywhere else in the world, what matters when they’ve all fallen silent? La Mama Musica is creating a living archive, an interactive map, where together we’ll imagine a regenerative, creative and healthy future not only for our industry, but for all people and especially the natural environment.

Listen for the future invites anyone working with sound; members of the La Mama community; artists and thinkers from all disciplines; and most importantly… YOU; to join with us and imagine something better.

#listenforthefuture It’s not a performance, it’s an act of solidarity. 

There’s no turning back. This is radical listening.

We will update this page regularly to include videos, sound, words that respond to Listen for the future

Get in touch to submit your videos, thoughts and ideas:


By K. Travers Eira

I am listening for
flight paths
ways to travel
to places we haven’t yet understood
that we don’t even know are there
-K. Travers Eira 

By Anna Leibzeit

I’m listening for live music in unexpected places.


By Belinda Woods

I’m listening for the ‘drumming’ frogs of Bela Laguna to begin their Spring mantra.

By Isabel Hede

I’m listening for harmony

By Rebecca Hart

I’m listening for Spring green between the dry brown

By Justin Ashworth

I’m listening for a sign from the future that things will be ok

By Ros Jones

I’m listening for the sound of future voices who have the confidence to go where their imagination leads them

By Teresa Blake

I’m listening for the point at which force applied to a solid object, physically changes it.