This production has been postponed to 2022.

Stevie walks onto the highway and vanishes, disappears. No blood, no body and no witnesses. Four strangers are catapulted into the mystery of her whereabouts. They twist and turn on a wild, chaotic ride through memories, secrets and hidden truths.  

What happened to Stevie?  

Stevie lives in a concrete casket, 

Underneath the sidewalk where the eucalyptus burns. 

She doesn’t sleep anymore. 

Not since that happened. 

That thing. 

The thing, that happened to Stevie,  

Happened to all of us.  

“Hardgrave displays outstanding skill in her writing and acting…”
– Myron My, My Melbourne Arts.  (note: Hardgrave is the former name of Suzie J.Jarmain)

Content warning: This production makes contact with themes of trauma, sexual abuse, borderline
personality disorder, dissociation, post-traumatic stress disorder and suicide.

Written and directed by Suzie J. Jarmain 

Performance by The New Work Company. 

The Ensemble: Karen Gee, Courtney Crisfield, Belle Hansen and Samantha Kennedy

Lighting Design by Shane Grant 

Sound Design by Nat Grant 

Production Management by Millie Levakis -Lucas 

Stage Management/Technical Operation by Jordan Carter 

Dramaturgy and Assistant Direction by Greta Doell 

Movement Consultancy by Xanthe Beesley 

Image by Darren Gill

In-kind rehearsal support by:

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