This production has been postponed to 2022.

A day librarian and a night librarian guard secrets about the hidden history of iconic poets Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes and his lover Assia Wevill . 

Set in a twilight magic realist world, the events of the poets’ fateful and tragic lives are investigated by a girl wanting to know who she is and her forgotten place in their story. The play highlights the choices these protagonists made, and the consequences of their choices on the girl.

The presentation of the premiere of “Birthday Book of Storms” is by the culturally and linguistically diverse Book of Dreams Theatre Company. 

The work explores powerful concepts such as displacement, exile, identity and their effect on the next generation.

“This is a sensational show in all its aspects. The text is beautifully written … the highly aesthetic approach adopted in this production … produced a performance that is both remarkable and deeply moving.”

Stage Whispers As Told By The Boys Who Fed Me Apples

Producer: Book of Dreams Theatre (Rosemary Johns/Roxana Paun Trifan) 

Writer: R. Johns  

Director: Alex Menglet  

Production Designer: Peter Mumford 

Lighting Designer: Shane Grant  

Sound Designer: Michael Havir 

Actors include: Anita Torrance, Roxana Paun Trifan, Jasper Bagg, Phil Roberts, and Ursula Searle.

Stage Manager: Brooke Simmonds

Image by: Peter Mumford 

Content warning: The play contains references to suicide, as is appropriate to the actual characters the play was written about and the recorded events in their lives. 

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