With Glenn Shea and Indigenous Community Members.

Glenn will be demonstrating The Storyteller in a workshop in the lead up to An Indigenous Trilogy at La Mama theatre. The Storyteller provides knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal People, Society and Culture from a non-political perspective through active learning pathways. It is designed to enhance knowledge and build understanding of Australia’s oldest living culture.

Glenn says the young Koori offenders he worked with have many sources of confusion in their lives, but what they are clear and strong about is their Aboriginality. He has invented a board game that aims to pass on what he has learnt about his heritage. It is equally open to anyone who wants to learn about the world’s oldest living culture and the land we share. “I want to challenge people to access that knowledge,” he says.

Attendees engage in:

·       Participation

·       Communication

·       Teamwork

This knowledge base offers participants the opportunity to begin their own Journey of self-discovery. The process develops a greater understanding and respect for Aboriginal culture, identity, values, symbolism and social systems. The participants will discuss their reactions to the game and evaluate its effectiveness as a resource for teaching and learning.

This exciting opportunity can support your own personal interest and celebrate the rich and diverse history of the oldest living culture in the world through the board game, food and drinks and live performance.

Image by Crystal Itjuwalyi Napangarti Butcher 2021

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