La Mama Musica is one of Melbourne’s longest running music nights, in operation since 1969. These days it is a curated monthly concert series showcasing creative music, improvising musicians and sound-artists at La Mama’s Theatre and Courthouse venues. The intimate settings and fabulous acoustics of La Mama’s two historic theatres allows fine musicians to perform in a very special environment, amidst the set of the current theatre production – so improvisation and flexibility of presentation is also part of our process.

The series has been organised by the curatorial team of Annabel Warmington and Adrian Sherriff for more than a dozen years. They encourage unusual collaborations, and ask the programmed artists to explore or develop something new in their work – giving each event a special air of excitement for both the artists and audience alike.

This months La Mama Musica performance by Gemma Horbury’s THE WOMEN 

New 11-piece ensemble THE WOMEN return to MUSICA to present Gemma Horbury‘s unique and mesmerising musical storytelling via composition, orchestration, electronics, projections, poetry, rap and more. 

Gemma Horburycomposer & musical director, trumpet, visuals, sound design, spoken word 

Nat Grant  vibraphone, drum kit 

Emily Bennett  vocals, electronics 

Jennifer Warren  keyboard 

Sherrin Sibley violin 

Noella Yan  ‘cello 

Miranda Hill  double bass 

Belinda Woods  alto flute, C melody saxophone 

Amanda Jones  clarinet 

Sarah Childs  baritone saxophone 

Ros Jones trombone 

 Image credit: Lucia Ondrusova  






Mon 7.30pm


La Mama Courthouse 349 Drummond st Carlton


Tickets Info/

$15 Full $10 Concession