Office Co-Ordinator

Elena Larkin

Work days:Monday, Tuesday & Friday

Elena first started working at La Mama in 2015 as a Script Assessor intern. After the completion of her internship, Elena continued to hang around and was overjoyed to take on the role of Office Coordinator in 2016. As an advocate for animal rights, Elena considers her greatest achievement to date the obliteration of the traditional sausages from the La Mama season launches. 

Elena grew up in the Northern Rivers (NSW) where she enjoyed performing in community theatre and Theatre in Education from a young age. She graduated from The University of Melbourne in 2018 with a BA Honours in Creative Writing. She studied acting part-time at VCA and 16th Street Studio. Elena devised and performed work as part of the Adelaide and Melbourne fringe festivals in 2016. She performed with the Lloyd Jones ensemble at La Mama Courthouse in 2019. Elena also enjoys painting, her work can be found here: www.elenalarkin.com.au