A Quarreling Pair is an intriguing program of three miniature puppet plays inspired by the work of the same name by American avantgarde writer Jane Bowles. Jane Bowles’ A Quarreling Pair is an intense study of the desire to feel both safe and free in our most precious relationships. Charged with Bowles’ unique blend of comedy and dark candour, this play is juxtaposed with two new works that elaborate on her ambivalent imagery. Each was written for two sister characters. In Mr Peterson’s Milk by Lally Katz, the sisters are fearlessly together, sharing a surreal adventure inside the milkman’s brain. And When They Were Good by Cynthia Troup finds the sisters restlessly inhabiting an old fairytale.

A Quarreling Pair vividly combines object theatre, live actors, puppets and music. Witness three touching short stories brought to life on stage at the hands of actor Caroline Lee and puppeteer Sarah Kriegler.

A Quarreling Pair: A Triptych of Small Puppet Plays premiered at La Mama as part of the 2004 Melbourne International Arts Festival, and went on to seasons in Castlemaine, Sydney, New York City, and Rome.

Age range; Adult audiences (15 years and up)


Writers: Jane Bowles, Lally Katz, Cynthia Troup

Performers/puppeteers: Caroline Lee & Sarah Kriegler

Sound Design: Jethro Woodward

Director (Original production): Margaret Cameron

Director & Producer: David Young


“… the tiny, intimate A Quarreling Pair by Aphids was a quiet revelation with its shifting weave of human and puppet, voice and soundscore.” REALTIME


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JULY 6 – 9


Thu-Sun 6pm Approximately 40 minutes


La Mama Theatre 205 Faraday St Carlton

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All Tickets $20

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03 9347 6142