Marketing & Publicity Coordinator – Neddwellyn Jones

Neddwellyn Jones has been with La Mama since 2006 working mainly within Publicity and Marketing.

In the past, Nedd performed at La Mama with the Lloyd Jones ensemble, and also worked as a sound designer and composer with theatre-makers Emma Valente, Xanthe Beesley, Nicola Gunn, Chris Molyneux and Laurence Strangio.

As a musician, Nedd has been published worldwide, with music featured on MTV and at the New York Fashion Week. Beat Magazine named his song The White House Australian Single of the Year, and his album An Intimate Universe received Independent Album of the Week on iTunes. He has played over 100 shows in Europe with Antarctica, The Queen’s Head and The Night Terrors and toured with Black Mountain, Melt Banana and Nick Oliveri amongst others. In 2012, Nedd was commissioned by the City of Melbourne to compose music for the Great Organ at the Melbourne Town Hall for Melbourne Music Week, and in 2014 he performed his original solo piano works at the Australian Centre of Contemporary Art (ACCA) as part of the NEW14 Exhibition.

Nedd is currently procrastinating with new EP as Fantis Atlantis (